Bombono DVD 1.0: Can eat every video you have

Now Bombono DVD can handle all video formats, thanks to FFmpeg

Transcoding is to be done when required; to adjust transcoding options (bitrate, dimensions) just right-click with the mouse at the video in Media List and choose Bitrate Calculator.


  • BmD can import all that ffmpeg can handle, not only DVD-compliant videos (AVI files / MKV / MOV / TS / MPG / MPEG4 / WEBM / OGG / …); excellent “frame by frame” video access is retained
  • Translation updates: Finnish, French, Russian, Spanish
  • Transcoding:
    • Black padding for not DVD-aspect videos
    • All audio streams being transcoded, not only first one
    • Audio transcoding bitrate: 320kbit/s, not 448kbit/s
  • Bitrate Calculator
  • Adjust Bitrate to Fit to Disc
  • Subtitles support:
    • spumux is used for text rendering
    • Trying to guess subtitles encoding with Enca
  • Segfault fix while loading bad/legacy projects
  • Small changes:
    • Fix for non-UTF8 locales like ru_RU.KOI8-R, #40
    • Fix for running totem with a file with spaces etc
    • .bmd for projects instead of .xml
    • Online help reference in menu Help

Bombono DVD 0.8.1


  • Translation updates: Danish, Finnish, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian
  • fixes for ffmpeg >= 0.6 (motion menus):
    • explicit stream mapping (-map NxM)
    • parsing formats and codecs of ffmpeg
  • fix for non-latin directories while authoring
  • build fix for USE_EXT_BOOST=1 & Boost <= 1.44:

Bombono DVD 0.8: Motion Menus in Action

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Motion menus can be rendered (with ffmpeg as encoder); to set a menu as a motion one just right-click it in Menu Browser and choose Menu Settings; set “motion” flag, duration, etc and try to build the project. Background and frame items (everything) will be motion if they can; use Set Poster feature to adjust it your own way. The menus are fully compatible with any DVD player.

New screenshot: Motion Menu Dialog

Changelog:Motion menus


brand new: Czech (Marek Černocký), French (Olivier Girard), Italian (Sergio Zanchetta), Spanish (Carlos Sánchez)

updates for languages: Danish, Finnish, Russian, Vietnamese

“Play All” type of linking, see #33

The program now remembers its size and position on display; sizes of browsers File Browser and Media List are remembered too

Subpicture colors for menus can be adjusted now, in Menu Settings, #26

The only bug been fixed, #35

Menu Editor: Distribute Horizontally/Vertically by tekkno genius

New Frames (Buttons): “shadow”, “shadow & white”, “shadow2” and “slide” by wronguserBombono DVD can now be built with Clang (LLVM) compiler 2.8+ (2.9 if you need PCH support), experimental support); GCC is still out of competition, though


Ilya Muravj’ov

Ilya is a C++/Python programmer; have an interest in video and everything connected with it. My name is Ilya Muravj’ov, I live in Yaroslavl, Russia.