Bombono DVD 1.2: Multi-core processor support

Now Bombono DVD can fully utilize multi-core CPUs: it spawns transcoding jobs in parallel and/or use -threads the option of ffmpeg rationally. Depending on your CPU it can greatly reduce time to make DVD video.


  • Multi-core CPU support for transcoding videos
  • Time calculation left to take authoring
  • Translations: Chinese simplified (Wylmer Wang), Danish, German (Roland Illig), Finnish, Italian, Ukrainian
  • No File Browser, see #60
  • More menu items:
    • Arrows and other icons can be used in menus, not only frames; if you want to use your own pictures then just add them to ~/AppData/Roaming/bombono-dvd/icons (Win7) or ~/.config/bombono-dvd/icons (Linux)
    • New frames, from Dietrich Martin
    • Many default icons: checks, arrows, rounds etc (thanks to abstrusus)
  • Web browser integration for getting menu backgrounds
  • Better 16:9 DVD support:
    • Generation of two subpicture streams for 16:9 menus: letterbox and widescreen, see #56
    • More than 12 buttons for 16:9
  • Splash screen (an app can’t live without it, seriously)
  • Bitrate Calculator:
    • Apply changes for multiple videos at once, see #58
    • Custom ffmpeg options entry
  • Copy&Paste&Cut for menu items; Copy Menu function, see #50
  • Error Report before authoring, if needed: buttons overlap, DVD capacity exceeded, etc
  • Menu Editor:
    • Preserve aspect ratio when resizing buttons, see #45 (with Shift)
    • Highlight border only, see #27
    • Snap to grid, see #44
    • 3 styles to span background of menu: Fill, Fit and Stretch
  • Rename items in Menu|Media Browser via function “Rename” & no conflict with DnD
  • The ticket #32 fix: Cannot jump to chapter N of title M, only N-1 exist

Changelog for Windows:

  • Add Videos from DVD is on
  • Look & Feel:
    • Modern UI themes based on Murrine engine added: Ambiance, Dust, Dust Sand, Radiance, see Screenshots; you can turn them on in Preferences
    • Humanity icon theme applied
    • Native Windows folder selection dialog is used now instead of Gtk’ one
  • SVG support
  • WMP (Windows Media Player) support for playing results
  • Bug fixes:
    • fix for checking blank DVD+R media before burning
    • fix for dialogs keep blank, see discussion
    • fix for disc labels having spaces
  • version 1.2 got a price tag, see Buy Now; versions 1.0.x remain free of cost though and are rebranded as Bombono DVD Free

Other tech fixes and remarks:

  • Closed tickets: #36, #43
  • Fix for main menu (Project-Go-Help) in Ubuntu 11.04: do not cover it with main tabs
  • SCons is now optional for authoring
  • Various fixes for ffmpeg/libav libraries >= 0.7, including crashes like that (Linux)
  • MIME data added from Carlos Sánchez (Linux)
  • gvfs is needed for web browser integration (Linux)
  • Button to reset subtitles selection, for videos
  • playing filename with blank in its name
  • Fix for nasty Gtk filechooser bug
  • mkisofs => genisoimage (Linux)
  • (For experts) when building with USE_EXT_BOOST=1 and gcc >= 4.6: Boost version should be >= 1.47 because of #5279; or build without USE_EXT_BOOST=1, you have been warned

Ilya Muravj’ov

Ilya is a C++/Python programmer; have an interest in video and everything connected with it. My name is Ilya Muravj’ov, I live in Yaroslavl, Russia.