How RabbitsCams Uses Bombono Video Compression: Case Study

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The problem was that they were getting complaints about their videos not being able to keep up with the quality of their stream. This meant people were having to wait for a long time before the video loaded or it would just stop in its tracks altogether.

It took them months to figure out what the issue was but once they did, they released an update to their software which helped tremendously. The way RabbitsCams uses Bombono compression to make their videos load faster and stream better is something I think everyone should be using on their own websites. So here’s how it works!

Bombono is one of the most popular video compression softwares on the market today. When it comes down to it, Bombono is all about saving your bandwidth. Instead of encoding everything into separate files, Bombono compresses the data together so that you can save space. It does this by calculating the average size of each frame based on its color, then combining all the frames in a single file. Once the frames are combined, the resulting file isn’t as big compared to if it had been made up of individual ones.

How RabbitsCams Uses Bombono

RabbitsCams has a few different servers around the world as part of their CDN. Since they have mutiple different servers, their videos need to be encoded differently depending on where they’re going. In order to do this, they use Bombono.

Bombono will calculate the average color of every frame in a video and then combine all those frames into one big file. After that, they upload the video to each server. Because the video is compressed, it loads much faster than the original video would have.

This is especially important when it comes to live streams because you don’t want to waste your viewers’ time waiting for the video to load. If the video doesn’t start playing right away, it’ll give them a reason to leave and go somewhere else. With the new update, RabbitsCams now has one of the fastest loading times in the business.

Implementing Bombono In Your Cam Site

If you’re running a cam site like RabbitsCams, implementing Bombono into your video encoding process is a must. This is because it can help speed up page load speeds considerably. Just make sure to run tests and see what works best for your site. You don’t want to force your users to wait too long for your videos to load, otherwise they’ll lose patience and head elsewhere.

For more information on how to implement Bombono into your website, feel free to check out our resources page.